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Great quality beef with great prices prime beef for Yakiniku. To enjoy our great quality of Yakiniku, we set a price cheaper as much as we can.

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Insure quality & freshness.

Insure quality & freshness.

New enviromentally friendly infrared grill technology.

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We accidentally stumbled upon this restaurant when we were looking for a Thai restaurant—good thing they were closed and decided to eat here. I’m glad we did. The lunch plate was good and their japchae was delicious.​
This place is one of the best Korean restaurants in Hawaii. I've been to many Korean restaurants in Korea and the US. I was really disappointed at the Korean restaurants in Hawaii until I tried Jang Su. I've tried many dishes here on many different occasions...everything I tried here were pretty good.​
Hard to find a decent dine in korean restaurant in the Aiea area but Jang Su is the best thing when you are not in the mood to go into town. The food is pretty authentic. The tofu soup is pretty legit and the me as t Jung is pretty good too.